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Webzen Takes The Update Time Of MU Legend

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae Young) will add the first new class 'Emphasizer' after launching on its PC online game 'MU Legend'.


Webzen today (August 10) will take the update time of MU Legend and introduce the fifth class 'Emphasizer'. Emphasizer, which has been shown several times in the form of 'Tejing' from before the official service, mainly uses skills and weapons specialized in 'crowd control' to steer or weaken the enemy.

Emphasizer is a character who has long been able to control things and minds through harsh training. It acts as a 'balanced dealership' that can inflict great damage on many enemies based on sophisticated attacks.

Webzen will hold an update commemorative event from today to September 14th. A member who has created a new character can obtain a "Starter Pack" with reinforcement equipment whenever he achieves a certain level. In addition, Webzen will offer advanced items to all members who have returned to the game until September 14 for users who have not had access since July 13.

For more information on the new character 'Emphasizer' from Webzen 'MU Legend', visit the special events page.

MU Legend Teamed Up With Music Producer Of Assassin's Creed

The international version of MU Legend will be officially released in late September, and in the forthcoming behind-the-scenes interview series, Webzen has revealed a very interesting piece of news. The process of producing music in the game...


Accordingly, the man responsible for the production and operation of music in the game, according to the technical team, is the composer Jesper Kyd - who is known for the role of music production of the game brand. Famous as Borderlands, Hitman and especially Assassin's Creed.

Music is almost completely forgotten in MU Online, and game makers do not want the same thing to happen to MU Legend. As a game that exploits the myths of Western mythology, it is not too difficult to understand when Webzen is serious about investing in the international version of MU Legend.

The possession of good and impressive music is the best way to mark this game in the eyes of the Western gaming community, and Jesper Kyd, the author of the immortal music of Assassin's Creed, choose the face to continue his musical production role in MU Legend.

Jesper Kyd's musical products collaborate with MU Legend:

MU Legend OST - Main Title - Jesper Kyd

MU Legend OST - Maze - Jesper Kyd

MU Legend OST - Below the Surface - Jesper Kyd

It is known that MU Legend Open Beta: International Edition will be released in September this year. The specific time has not yet been announced. This Open Beta is expected to coincide with the OBT in the Korean market, which owns the same feature system and the Emphasizer character also... can not appear.

This version will support 6 language packs including: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. From now until the official launch will be the refining and refinement of feature systems such as merchant NPCs, bug fixes and launches PvP 3v3 system. For more of MU Legend news, updates, keep it here on MULegendZen.

MU Legend Is About To Free Open Beta For All Players

According to a new update from MU Legend's official page, the global version of the hot action online game will be officially open beta in September 2017, This product is free to play now!

mu 2017.jpg

In addition to supporting many popular languages including English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese. MU Legend's new version will have interesting updates on gameplay again that includes 3v3 PvP or NPC with exchange of items.

MU Global.jpg

In fact, MU Legend has been catching gamers for a long while when it opened its open beta in Korea in March. This time is coming!

It's easy to see the impressive for MU Legend comes from making nice characters. The characters are beautifully designed, eye-catching skill effects...

MU Legend's combat mechanism is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking down the top view. It is noteworthy that the character's skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. Character can spam spells continuously.

The first five classes introduced in MU Legend are Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Emphasizer. However, the class Emphasizer can not create characters in both the English and Korean versions.

What You Can Do After Hitting Lvl 65 In MU Legend

We have mentioned tips on how to hit level 65 in MU Legend, and in this article, we'll tell you the next step to do to start getting better gear.


The first important thing, explore some. Start with your daily entries. Then you can farm the other dungeons that do not have an entry limit. It's preferable to do them in calamity/5man groups but don't let them expire use them all before 5am.

Most notably you should go ahead and get a costume. They give 5% life and 14.5k CP.
You can get pets from gardens.
Complete in town quests if you skipped them.
Luna's library: you will find items in rifts that allow you to enter these. They are preset difficulties depending on the rarity of the item. These are better than normal rifts because they have 2 bosses and offer you purples at the end if you pick the right one.
You can spend your blue gem currency for gear at the vendor. It's normally crap but if you are close to your cap of 1000 go ahead and buy pets or buy boxes. Otherwise save these to enter the lab
Start farming uncommon enhancements for your skills
Upgrade your wings. Personally I'm waiting on my next set of wings before throwing my mats and currency at the generic pair.
Get the mats needed and make sure to craft a signet.

Hope this helps. Do you have more specific tips? Share with us below our official media. We'll continue to post more news and guides on mulegendzen.com! View more...

MU Legend Guide On Levelling Up To 65

Would you like to bring one character to level 65 in MU Legend? Doing only the main quest and then rifts would be the most efficient and rapid. Here are some suggestions for you guys!


Don't forget to stick your soul points into Experience gain as well. 0.40% per point = 25% at max. Get the pet from the quest line as well for 10% more Exp gain while leveling.

"Just rush the main (and blue) quests, that's the fastest way," a MU Legend player stated. If you have a friend who also plays, questing with a friend in a party also speeds up questing and dungeons. You can level your chararcter to level 65 in 8 hours by just do the main orange (and blue) quests with friends and maybe some area quest and progress.

If you want to do rifts, do them on the easiest difficulty. Higher difficulties seem like waste of time if you're still leveling. Higher diffs seem like a waste of time to me in any situation.

Taking every quest you encounter while taking the main quest's route is a good way to gain Experience, raising the dif in rifts do not change the exp income rate. Also, if u get bored of quests try ET, thats a nice way to level up as well.

Start off by adding your soul points into EXP gain. You may reset them later when you reach the level cap. After getting the lava pet , use it all the time . You can either level up the larva pet you got initially , or level up enough so that you can try getting a better one from the garden (remember to play the rifts from time to time so you can try getting a better one faster from the rift fragments pet box).

It is also important to have your sets kept in check, so mobbing and doing quests/dgs goes faster than doing them with very bad stats. Make sure all your set parts have the monster/soul exp attributes. By doing this, you can definitely levelling up to 65 in 12 hours or less PS:depends on how lucky and good you are, some people managed cap in 6 hours with this set up.

More information of latest MU Legend news and guides will be posted in mulegendzen.com.

Solo Is Better When Playing MU Legend?

MU Legend is an action RPG from Korea based on the time-honored MMORPG MU Online. MU Legend is the official successor to MU Online and has been under development since 2009. The game started in October 2016 in the first closed beta, German players can play the beta from 21 February.


MU Legend is similar to Diablo, but also has many MMO components. For example, we can get together with several players and even explore instances and dungeons. These are always randomly generated and thus offer new challenges.

For some newcomers, it's quite difficult to choose playing solo or joining a group. How efficient grouping is? What are the advantages of guilds? Here we'll give you some advices and hoping it can help you.

For solo players, spending your points wisely is good for your game. Partying always good but this game is not good at fps as going with group may even drop fps to 10. MU Legend can be played solo and is quite fun, but that takes a while longer to complete dungeons.

Soloing is ok for most leveling content. Rifts and some dungeons can be soloed fine, but later dungeons and if you want to do rifts way faster, you should get a group. You can consider kiting friendly class like mage or archer for soloing. While kiting is useless, just do the endless tower and die from boss leap.

Anyway, the game has not been optimized efficiently, so if you need more tips about playing MU Legend, stay tuned at mulegendzen.com.